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Weaving Peace and Dreams: Textile Arts of Mindanao

THP brings to the American and international public fine examples of Mindanao textile design with examples from traditional to more contemporary periods. Traditional weaving was circumscribed by much ritual and ceremonies of the life cycle — birth, marriage and death and the fabrics produced were meant to address these ceremonial needs. Contemporary weavers now struggle with traditional concepts and the demands of the local and tourist market. With this transformation the continuity of the weaving culture traditions, the passing on of heritable designs and technique, and the self pride and worth of work is a cause for concern. THP hopes to highlight the possibility of evolving newer concepts of design and work through this exhibition, thereby encourage other designers, weaving artisans, scholars to talk about their future direction.

The Hinabi Project: The Art of Philippine Textiles seeks to increase awareness of and appreciation for the exquisite and rich tradition of Philippine weavings and textiles. In addition, we hope to infuse pride among Filipinos and inspire them to rediscover their heritage as well as incorporate aspects of Filipino traditional fabrics in their modern lifestyle. Lastly, the project hopes to encourage weavers, embroiderers, and designers of traditional Filipino textiles to continue working on their crafts and thus maintain these traditions.

Exhibit is up until Friday Nov. 24th, on exhibit at the Mills Building.

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