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Art Talk on Manila's Contemporary Art Scene

Panel Discussion on Manila's Contemporary Art Scene Monday, January 18, 7-9pm Panelists Jenifer K. Wofford, Kimberley Arteche, Mel Vera Cruz, Carlo Ricafort and Marcius Noceda will discuss thier thoughts and experiences about the contemporary art scene in Manila. Moderated by Juan Carlos Quintana.

This art talk is in conjunction with the Manila: Beyond the Envelope exhibit in the KSW office, featuring work by Manuel Ocampo, Carlo Ricafort, Mel Vera Cruz and Marcius Noceda.

Manila: Beyond the Envelope

Manila is a contradiction of contradictions. Like a living organism, Manila is constantly evolving. For those of us who have walked her streets, who grew up listening to her tales of tragedy and woe, who breathed in the smog and stench day after day, who have danced to her pulsating beat, we feel her in our bones, in the follicles of our hair, in the remnants in our guts, in the depths of our souls, like the indelible stain of mortal sin. Simply no place like Manila.

Kearny Street Workshop at Arc Gallery

1246 Folsom Street, Suite 100

San Francisco, CA 94103

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