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Interview with artist Jenifer K Wofford by Patricia Cariño

Interview with Jenifer K Wofford, 10 July 2015

"Collapse II (Limon, Costa Rica 1991)", 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36 inches.

Several broken roads set within green landscapes are painted on large canvases in Bay-area based artist Jenifer K Wofford’s studio. This July she will present this new series in a solo show at Silverlens Gallery (Makati, Philippines). I met with her in her studio in June to discuss her this body of work and her solo exhibition Collapse.

P: Congratulations on your upcoming show in Makati, Jenifer. You’ve had a few shows in the Philippines now and have shown different works. From curatorial projects like the Galleon Trade exhibition to series of nurse drawings and a project with your collaborators, Mail Order Brides/MOB. Can you tell us about the catalyst and inspiration for this new project?

J: I grew up around the Pacific Rim’s Ring of Fire much of my life: many of its regions are earthquake and volcano zones. So there’s my general interest in quakes and cataclysms, such as my Volcano series and my ongoing Waves series. These sites of turbulence and instability feel familiar. And I like thinking about forces of nature that are bigger than our human, petty follies.

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