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In Transit


Life is constantly moving in various directions and on many levels. In Transit features ten artists who examine different transitional junctures.


Mel Vera Cruz’s piece Lucky incorporates Balikbayan boxes that are used for shipping items to family in the Philippines. Other times the change is emotional and psychological, such as Charlene Tan’s piece Silent Labor that discusses privilege and inequality. Marcius Noceda’s piece Sway involves the physical and emotional transformation that occurs simultaneously.


In Transit investigates these multiple shifts and provides a space for understanding the nuances of these moments, contemporary and historical. These processed emotions and ideas allow us to form an unfamiliar vocabulary for these newly attained vision.


Exhibiting artists:

Lexygius Calip
Bonnie Kwong
Cathy Lu
Paolo Mejia
Marcius Noceda
Carlo Ricafort
Charlene Tan
Mel Vera Cruz
Pamela Ybañez
Fonda Yoshimoto


Poet: Aimee Suzara


Saturday February 2, 2013   3-6pm

I-Hotel Manilatown Center

868 Kearny Street in San Francisco


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