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Causal Sequence


Artwork by Carla Catalina 

Epekto Art Projects  is honored to be exhibiting at Bindlestiff.  Our show titled Causal Sequence is part of the 2 Blocks of Art happening Friday October 13th from 5-9pm in San Francisco. Epekto's exhibit will be up from August 30th through October 21st. 


Bindlestiff is the only permanent, community-based performing arts venue in the nation dedicated to showcasing emerging Filipino American and Pilipino artists. Check out the upcoming Stories High XVII play starting Thursday August 31, 2017.


Causal Sequence relates to the designation of the SOMA Pilipinas Cultural District that took place in 2016 after decades of advocacy. This show reflects on the struggles and successes of Filipino's in the Bay Area and nationwide. The title Causal Sequence references this relationship and can hopefully create a domino effect in increasing awareness for our community's history and continued existence in the area. We hope that this change can continue to expand outward to foster growth both economically and spiritually for our community, as well as all communities of color. 


The artists taking part include:

Mel Vera Cruz

Michael Sacramento

Carla Catalina

Pamela Ybañez


The other locations taking part in the event include: 

1AM  /    Bayanihan Community Center     /    Crossroads Youth Program

Hospitality House’s Community Arts    /    Inks of Truth    /    Kularts     /     Luggage Store Gallery
SF Camerawork    /    Sketchpad Gallery

Two Blocks of Art locations are on 6th Street from Market to Howard.

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